2020 in retrospect

Here’s A Review Of The Past Year 2020 At Jojoshomemade

We did it! We sailed into 2021 in one piece, nothing missing, nothing broken. I know some people lost loved ones to the pandemic, and I pray for heaven to comfort them. But we’re here, full of life and hope! Boy, am I thankful for that. I thought we could share our 2020 in retrospect at Jojoshomemade because sometimes looking back helps your clarity, helps you connect the dots, and shows you things to be grateful for that you might just be taking for granted. SO we will do this. Here goes:

2020 In Retrospect At Jojos Homemade

2020 in retrospect

SO, many things happened in 2020 but the bottom line is we grew! What are these events?

We Launched New Products!

Yeah, we launched 2 new products and rebranded one old one. In 2020, we launched the delicious granola cookies and the unsweetened granola. In the bid to live and eat healthy, we understand some people want to eliminate sugar completely from their diet, and that’s why we birthed unsweetened granola. As for the cookies, we sought to provide something just as yummy and healthy, that you cant take on the go without betraying your diet. Lol. And then, of course, our fruity granola now wears a new look but is still just as tasty and nutritious as ever. You can make your orders here.

We Got Into Market Chains

This year, we began supplying supermarkets across the city, and then across the states of Nigeria. Whoop Whoop! As you know, this would mean more orders and growth. So we moved to a factory, hired additional staff, and just kept right on expanding. Isn’t God good? Find out if we’re stocked in your favourite stores here. Are you enjoying our 2020 in retrospect? There’s more!

We Started Blogging

I had always wanted to blog, but running Jojos Homemade including everything else didn’t leave much time for blogging. This year though, we got around to sharing with you via our blog and now that we’ve started, we don’t plan on stopping. So please be nice; share and engage with our content, will you? Thank you. You’ll find some interesting recipes here and some lifestyle tips here and here. We shared our story, here! If you would like a bit of an inspirational read, see it here.

We Built Capacity

In 2020, I got accepted into the POWER 100 Initiative, a partnership with LagosMums and the Department of State’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs’ Providing Opportunities for Women’s Economic Rise (POWER) Initiative and U.S. Consulate, Lagos.

I also got accepted into the African Women Power Network Vendor Program.

I was selected as one of the top 12 finalists at the AGS Enterprise Challenge 2020.

It wasn’t all rosy, I must tell you. We got a few rejections too. But I am thankful for all of it. You don’t get roses without thorns. If you want to enjoy the beauty of a rose you have to be prepqared to deal with the thorns as well.

And that’s why 2020 was a phenomenal year for us, if you ask me.

Enough of looking back, we have a long list of great stuff lined up for this yer, even though we know that nothing is promised. But it’s still a good idea to mke plans and have goals, right?

On that note, I want to wish you the very best of 2021. Everything you wish for, pray for and work towards, will enjoy God’s best.

Don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram. We cherish your connection and feedback. Thank you for an amazing year. This whole 2020 in retrospect would be impossible without your support and patronage.

Happy New Year!



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