healthy meal prep for beginners

Get Better At Meal Prepping With These Tips

Starting your day with a good meal is as beautiful as the breaking of the day itself. But a good meal does not just happen. It takes some amount of effort to put it together. And you don’t have to be a chef to achieve this. A good grasp of healthy meal prep for beginners will do just fine. Allow us introduce you to Meal Prepping 101.

When fixing a meal, the preparation you put up is essential to the success of such a meal. It makes it easier to put together. Also, it takes the stress off you. Besides, you’ll not need to rack your brain for what to cook and when. And did you know that meal prepping also saves you money? These 5 easy tips will help you practice healthy meal prep for beginners.

5 Tips To Engage In Healthy Meal Prep For Beginners

Meal Plans

When starting out in meal prepping the first thing to understand is the power of planning. Especially when making a meal. The first thing to do in meal prep is to plan the meal you want to cook. You may plan for a day, some days or weeks. A meal plan will help you know what to cook and when to do so. And this will of course help you to shop for the right ingredients.

This meal plan is also known as a food timetable. And depending on what your interests are in food, they’ll tell what kind of food you have on your list. Also, how much energy, time, and patience you have will determine what goes into your meal plan. All of these will help you on how to meal prep for the week to have a smoother week ahead.

When drawing a meal plan, try and plan for meals that have similar ingredients. It makes your grocery shopping and cooking easier.

Grocery List

healthy meal prep for beginners
A sample grocery list

Meal prep ideas for beginners don’t end with meal plans alone. The meal plan you drew will help you write your grocery list. On the list, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to cook all the foods you have on your meal plan. Also, drawing a grocery list will help you not to forget the things you need to shop for. It also ensures quicker shopping.


Healthy meal preps for beginners are quite easy. You already have the meal plans and your groceries are ready. Now, you can cook your food ahead and refrigerate them. This will help you have easier access to meals per time, especially if you’re the busy type.  Because all you have to do is bring out the cooked food and heat it.

This is usually good for some simple foods that don’t get affected easily by refrigeration. For instance, pour your soup into bowls that have tight lids. Also, try and cook foods that have simple recipes. This will ensure you don’t have a tiring time cooking.

More Healthy Meal Prepping Tips For Newbies


Marinating drumsticks in the freezer | Pixabay

Let’s show you easy tips on how to meal prep for the week. Having cooked some food already, put them in the freezer so they don’t get spoilt.

Also, you should store other ingredients you may need. Vegetables and fruits are easier to keep even if refrigerators are not available. As you need them, you take them out.

Cut Veggies Ahead

healthy meal prep for beginners
Chopped veggies

Another healthy meal prep for beginners is cutting veggies ahead of time. Even if you’re not ready to cook, cutting veggies and putting in containers will help. But just make sure you put the right kind of veggies together.

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