how to be disciplined to lose weight

How To Stay True To Your Weight Loss Diet

As we grow older, our bodies experience a number of changes. One of them is that our metabolism slows down, and so we’re burning fewer calories at rest than we used to. The solution is to eat fewer calories so that we don’t grow fat. The thing is most people don’t realize this until they are two sizes bigger. Now they have to get on a diet but without the right information and a strong will, consistency is tough. Want to know how to be disciplined to lose weight? Well, that’s why we’ve written this piece.

Discipline is very important for weight loss because I think we can all agree that the temptations are many, everywhere you look. That skinny coworker who is a foodie and is always eating. The spouse who runs 16 kilometres everyday and makes up for it with a big bowl of eba and egusi. And you’re there, drooling but trying to keep it together. Until your endurance snaps and you carry your own eba because you cannot kill yourself.

But next week, the scale will say you’re 2kg heavier and you’ll panic and go back to being disciplined to lose weight…until your son asks for some ice cream. He’s been a good boy and you want to reward him so off you go to Icecream Factory, where you get one scoop for yourself too, as your reward for being such a good mummy. Let me share these tips for staying disciplined to lose weight real quick.

How To Discipline Yourself To Lose Weight

Make a list of your goals

Sit down and really think about what areas you want to improve.  If you are trying to change food habits or form exercise habits into your life write it down.  If you don’t know what to change you won’t know where to start.  When you look at your list of goals in black and white you will also start to get a clearer picture of what is stopping you from making these changes.  Take on small changes and when you feel you have accomplished them add new goals to your list.

Take One Small Step at a Time

Keep it simple.  When we try to change too much at once we end up getting fed up and we lose our motivation.  Try to do one thing at a time consistently and when it becomes a habit take on another task.  For example, start preparing a healthy lunch each evening for the next day to bring to work or go for a walk after work.

Track Your Progress

how to be disciplined to lose weight

Keep a food diary for a week to help you see where your downfall is.  Look at each meal and if you bite it write it.  Then the following week try and improve on this.  Even if it is one small change.  Every little step will help make a difference.  Monitor your exercise, sleep patterns, and water intake.  Use technology such as Fitbit to help with this.

Take control

Take a look at a typical week.  For each day, write down when you wake,  how many hours you work, time commuting, etc anything that is concrete in your week. If you have a health app on your phone, now’s the time to use it. Once you have your week schedule done see what free time you have and where you can fit in a walk or an exercise class and slot this into your schedule.  If you can get a friend involved, do.  You are more likely to stick to exercise if you have someone doing it with you. Make it part of your week – you are forming new healthy habits.

Keep your end goal in sight. 

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you start to lose weight and see a difference in your clothes, when friends comment on how well you look, your energy levels and your confidence.  Hold onto that feeling when you start feeling demotivated and remember why you started.  Once you start creating new habits it starts feeling like a good new normal.

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Love, Jojo

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