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ABCs Of Granola Part 1: How Healthy Is Granola?

Is homemade granola healthy? I think we can all agree it is, depending on who is making it and what goes in it. Here though, we’re all about a healthy lifestyle so we’ll only focus on healthy things.

If you ever think about making your granola yourself, you can add juicy raisins, toasted almonds and other healthy nuts, to make it a more nutritious snack.

Before we talk about the nutrients that are in granola, it’s also necessary to know that preparing granola is relaxing and satisfying. Some meals require you to exert an enormous amount of energy, but not granola. The cooking process will put you in a good mood, especially the sweet smell of toasted and buttery oats that will fill your kitchen. I must warn that if you’re not patient, don’t try this.

Some benefits of homemade granola

As said earlier, granola is a breakfast cereal that is very healthy. The basic ingredients you need to make granola are nuts, oats, and a sweetener like honey. Other ingredients you can include are grains, seeds, dried fruit, puffed rice, spices, chocolate chips, and so on. All these make it calorie-dense and nutrient-dense. If you’re trying to gain weight, stuffing your stomach with granola will add to your body mass. If you’re on a weight loss journey, you don’t need all that sweet and heavy stuff. We’re great at making healthy, tasty and nutritious granola.

But, it’s hard to place a nutritional profile on it because different people use different ingredients, so the nutritional value of homemade granola will differ. Having more of a particular ingredient will influence the density of its nutrients. The best way to determine the nutritional value is to decide if you want high-protein granola or high-fibre granola.

High protein granola will have more nuts, such as almonds, cashews, and walnuts, and also more seeds like sesame, pumpkin, and so on.

High-fibre granola will have more oats, nuts, and seeds.

These are the benefits of granola to your health

is homemade granola healthy

• Reduced cholesterol levels

Oats are a very good source of beta glucan, which is a type of fiber that reduces bad cholesterol levels so you don’t encounter heart disease.

• Improves high blood pressure

It’s high in fibre ingredients, such as flax seeds and oats. These seeds are known to help in reducing high blood pressure.

Reduce blood sugar

Dried fruit, whole grains, seeds, and nuts can help in reducing and controlling your blood sugar levels, especially among people that have obesity or prediabetes.

• Provides many antioxidants

Chia seeds, coconut, and walnuts are good sources of antioxidants that fight inflammation, such as quercetin, gallic acid, Vitamin E, and selenium.

• Improves gut health

When compared with refined breakfast cereals, it was noted that granola increases the level of healthy gut bacteria.

Granola is also high in calories and fat. You should avoid using sugar, chocolate chips, and other sweeteners. If you can’t do without them, then make sure you use them in small proportions. At Jojoshomemade we never use these sugars and fattening ingredients. We make our granola loaded with nutritious ingredients just as you would make it at home, only better, and healthier. That’s why our customers love our brand of granola.

Is granola good for weight loss?

Most store-bought granola contain lots of sugar, fat, and calories. Even though granola is touted as healthy food, the calories of honey, dried fruit, and nuts can turn your breakfast or snack into a high-calorie meal, making it almost impossible to lose weight.

A cup of sugary granola will give you 500 calories, so if you’re trying to feed on a 1500 calorie diet, it will be very tough because it already gives you one-third of the calories you need in a day. By the time you have other meals of the day, you’ll have gotten more calories than you need.

The best way to make a meal or snack suitable for weight loss is to eat it in moderation, and also have a healthy recipe that guarantees reduced calories and fat. That’s where we come in. You can snack on our granola all day long.

Keeping your homemade granola calories down

Altering its calories, sugar, and fat won’t affect its taste or the nutrients in your granola, it will still be as tasty as ever and with a sweet smell wafting around your kitchen. All you’ll have to do is choose healthy ingredients.

• Canola oil – this oil is high in Omega three fatty acids which is healthy for the heart.

• Flax seeds – Just 2 tsp of flax seeds contain roughly 4 grams of fiber. It is not only high in fiber but also Omega three fatty acids. Additionally, it contains more phytochemicals than other seeds.

Whole oats – go the old fashioned way and opt for whole oats. It’s high in B-vitamins and fibre when compared to quick or instant cooking oats.

Chia seeds – to complete this healthy diet of yours, you can use chia seeds. It can help decrease cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure.

Low-calorie nuts and seeds – these are high in healthy fats and proteins. All kinds of nuts have different amounts of minerals and vitamins, such as zinc and magnesium. You can choose a variety of nuts to use in your granola, so it can have a distinct taste. Some nuts with low calories that you can use are walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, etc.


Jojoshomemade granola will always be better than most store-bought ones when comparing the nutritional profile. The beautiful thing is that we’re now in your favourite stores so you can look out for us. Or you can shop online here.

If your theme for 2021 is health and wellness, Jojoshomemade granola should be on your list of nutritious things to eat. For recipes, lifestyle tips and the occasional freebie, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.

We love your feedback and that’s why we’re looking forward to your comments and shares.

Have a healthy year ahead!

Love, Jojo.

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