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7 Amazing Benefits of Oatmeal You Should Know

It’s no secret that we all aspire to healthy lifestyles. Everyone knows the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are enormous. One of the fastest and most effective ways of achieving a healthy lifestyle is by controlling what you eat. Sorry foodie, we just had to go there. But you can be a healthy foodie and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to healthy eating, there are a number of super foods your body will thank you for eating.

Oatmeal is one of these superfoods and in this article we’re going to be telling you all about its benefits. Just so you know, the benefits of oats to your body are all-encompassing. We even have one article on how oatmeal gives you great skin. Read it here. Today, we’re focusing on your whole body. Let’s unravel the benefits below:

Your Body Will Thank You For These Healthy Benefits Of Oatmeal

your body will thank you
bowl of oats and fruits

If you eat granola, you’re not a stranger to oats. If you grew up eating the very popular Quaker oats, you’re not a stranger to oats either. Some people even insist on oats in their children’s diets but they don’t know just how much good they’re doing them. That’s why we have put this together, and after this article, you’ll become an even bigger oats lover.

Benefits of Oats To The Body

There are several benefits to eating oats. We’ll look at 7 of these benefits and you’ll surely love oats if you didn’t before. More importantly, your body will thank you, love you and be better for it.

  1. Reduces cholesterol
  2. Reduces blood pressure
  3. Helps control weight gain
  4. Stabilizes blood sugar
  5. Shields your skin
  6. Builds immune system against diseases
  7. Aids Bowel Movement

Reduces Cholesterol

Oats stand out among other grains because it has the highest content of soluble fiber. And this kind of fiber aids the intestines in holding back substances that relate to blood cholesterol. In essence, soluble fiber reduces the absorption of bad cholesterol into the bloodstream. So, since oat is rich in soluble fiber, it is one great benefit. Right?

Reduces Blood Pressure

According to a research, beta-glucan is a kind of fiber in oats that may lower blood pressure. Oats are associated with heart health benefits. Studies show that a diet that contains plenty of whole-grains is very effective in reducing blood pressure. Among such grains are oats.

Controls Weight Gain

The issue of weight control is the order of the day especially with women. And you’ll agree that this is good for many reasons. One good reason is that it helps to stay fit. You get to learn about the right meals, how to avoid unhealthy fats, among others.

Research reveals that beta-glucan which is found in Oats helps to fight the urge to eat too often. That is, the compound in oats reduces appetite. Also, oats don’t digest easily. As a result, your stomach feels full for a longer time. Interesting! So, once your appetite is reduced, your hunger is satisfied then you won’t gain unnecessary weight.

One Benefit of Oats is That It Stabilizes Blood Sugar

The sugar found in oat is slowly released into the bloodstream because of its rich soluble-fiber content. This is unlike some other large meals or sugary foods that weigh heavily on the body. You’ll notice that you feel heavy and tired after some foods. But this is not so with oats. Because, oats prevent sudden blood sugar rise after eating.

A kind of oat, the steel cut, is better for stabilizing blood pressure because it’s less processed. And this means that it is still very rich in soluble-fiber.

Shields Your Skin

Have you noticed that some of the body lotions around contain oat? This is because it was discovered how great oatmeal works for dry, itchy and irritated skin. The starch in oats helps the skin to retain moisture, At the same time, the rougher husk of the oat helps in mild exfoliation of the skin.

Builds Immune System

It is clear that beta-glucan is a main compound in oats that serves multiple functions. This compound enhances the blood cells that fight infection. Also, oats contain zinc and selenium which prevents infection in the body. These two nutrients ensure your body can defend itself against infection.

Aids Bowel Movement

Another benefit of oat to your body is that it improves bowel regularity. And it also prevents constipation. Oat increases the water content of stools thereby making it easier to pass.

The benefits of oats to your body are much more than what you can ignore. Have you tried eating it before? Try it now. Your body will thank you.

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