TRS Almond 750g


TRS Almonds Size: 100g Irresistible snacking Smart eating 6g protein per serving 3g net carbs per serving 3g fiber per serving Cholesterol free

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Oats,Raisins, Cashew nuts,Coconuts, Almond nut, honey and Cinnamon


The fiber in granola makes the body feel full because it bulks up food and absorbs water. Therefore, it reduces appetite and inhibits the release of the hormone that makes the body feel hungry.

it is a concentrated form of energy, and will help give you that extra boost when you need it most. It doesn’t fill your body with sugars, which will eventually cause you to crash and feel sluggish, and instead, it gives you manganese, which is  a regulator  of blood sugar in the body and can stimulate or inhibit the release of insulin.

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50, 100, 125, 350, 375, 500, 750, 1000

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