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5 Fabulously Yummy Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Christmas is almost here, yay! Soon, we’ll say goodbye to 2020. Let me tell you what’s so inspiring for me this season. It’s that in spite of everything the world has been through this year, people are still more than willing to give, to help and to share. Doesn’t that just warm up your insides? In the spirit of the season, have you got Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Jojos Homemade has put something together to make it a so yummy Christmas for you and your loved ones.

We have put together the most thoughtful hamper baskets ever, and you can be sure that everything in it is healthy. This is the season that we tend to go overboard with the munching, and the options aren’t always healthy. And then in January everyone starts looking for summer body, lol. But our hampers give you something healthy to add to all the munching. Here’s a list of our so yummy Christmas hampers.

Our So Yummy Christmas Hampers Come In Three Variants And The Most Beautiful Boxes

so yummy Christmas
What’s in the Jojos Homemade Christmas Box?

The first box contains :

so yummy Christmas
  • 3 packs of 350g Granola (any variant of your choice)
  • 2 packs of cookies
  • 1 pack of toasted oats
  • A pack of shredded coconut

It goes for 13,000 naira only.

Our second box contains :

  • 3 packs of 350g Granola (any variant of your choice)
  • 2 packs of cookies
  • 1 pack of toasted oats
  • A pack of shredded coconut
  • 1 loaf of fruit cake

It goes for 15,000 naira only.

Then there’s a third box that contains a variety of products. In it, you’ll find additional yummy treats from the following brands:

  • Funmi Coconuts
  • Agas Wholesome Spices
  • Eden’s tiger nut drink
  • Exotica zobo

This special box goes for N20,000 only. Here’s what it looks like below.

so yummy Christmas

Some Other So Yummy Christmas Gift Options We Recommend

Wholesome Box From Aga’s Wholesome

Aga’s Wholesome Box

The wholesome box is a gift that keeps on giving. You can also build your box based on your preferred items. You get a 5% discount when you pick box items 10k and above.

Also, all box orders come with a FREE handwritten note and a branded jotter which contains very useful product tips. The Wholesome Box deliveries start from Friday 11th December 2020. You’ll agree that it’s a great offer and is great for friends and loved ones who are deliberate about healthy meals. Connect with them here.

Machi Cakes And Pastries Jingle Boxes

The Jingle Box

There’s always someone in your circle who is a sweet tooth. The Jing Box is great for them.

They have two different packages available:

1. The Jingle Box Supreme
Rich exotic Christmas fruit and nut cake in a tin
Two bottles of mini Moet et Chandon champagne, a box of chocolate
All in one box for N18,000 only.

2. The Jingle Box Super
Rich exotic Christmas fruit and nut cake in a tin
A bottle of mini Moet et Chandon champagne
A box of chocolate
All in one box for N15,000 only.

They also have rich fruit and nut Christmas cakes in tins for N6,000. You wouldn’t want to miss this lovely Christmas offer guys. Contact them here.

Mani Dotata Bakeshop Hampers

A Mani Dotata Hamper

Mani Dotata is a really cool bake shop and they have hampers to suit your every preference this season. Contact them here to know more.

Armed with all these options, its time to go on and give somebody a so yummy Christmas. Yes, let’s do it! As the holidays approach its a great time to remind you to be kind to your body, even as you have fun. Find time to create some adventure. A good way is to experiment with our recipes like this and this, especially our Christmas-themed cookies. Don’t forget to connect with us and share your results on social media. We love the feedback. Thank you for a great year.

Love, light and everything nice,


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