the concluding part

How It’s Going Now With My Granola Love Story.

As you know, it’s not enough to create something that’s bringing in some revenue. Once this happens, you want to help the business grow better, do better. It’s like having a baby, and how you want to feed it and keep it healthy to ensure that it grows big and strong. That’s what I want to share today, in the concluding part of my granola story.

At some point, I became dissatisfied with our revenue. Most of our regular customers were family and friends and I felt we could do a lot better. That meant we had to beef up our marketing game. But how?

My brother worked for JoJo’s Homemade Foods as our marketer. He took care of the packing, sealing and arranging of our granola products at night. And by morning, he’d take some boxes or granola to his office, where he made sales. I appreciate his efforts till this day. But like I said, I knew we were made for more, so we put a strategy in place.

The concluding part of this story involves marketing and a solid strategy.

We attended exhibitions, and they were unsuccessful at first before things began to change. My first exhibition was at Police College, Ikeja on a fateful Sunday. It was a disappointing experience as we spent hours advertising our products but made close to zero sales. My aunt (now late) came, and was only one who made a purchase.

But we didn’t give up. It got better and better, and then I got the idea to put the products on the shelves in supermarkets. From partnering with supermarkets and collaborating with complementary brands of course things began to peak.

Then I got more intentional about social media and giving value on our social profiles. Think healthy recipes, health tips and general valued lifestyle information. And that’s how it’s going now!

Jojos Homemade Granola Cookies

We also rely heavily on impeccable customer service from the point of making the order to post-delivery communications. Personally, I know how valuable a good impression is, and how word of mouth is the best marketing plan.

Sometimes, we miss orders when we’re offline and that’s very painful, so we’re working on making sure that we never miss an order. We also try to under promise and over deliver, especially when it comes to granola orders from first time customers.

This may be the concluding part of the story here, but it’s not the end.

the concluding part
The three wise men lol.

I’ll tell you how I think it ends, but first let me share with you where we are now.

Our granola products are on the shelves of 24 shopping malls and provision stores across the country. We have orders coming in from everywhere now. Our delivery systems are faster, seamless and hassle-free. I’m just pumped and ready to do more.

Please just take a minute to be grateful for me, for us. Look how far we’ve come! From experimenting to solve postpartum weight issues to this, and we’ve only just begun! I’m grateful for everything, including the challenges. They have made the experience richer and more rewarding.

We have plans for expansion. As soon we purchase new machinery, the granola production process will be made easier and faster, and we’ll scale up on production.

the concluding part

I look forward to a time when the JoJo’s Homemade Foods will run fully without me. When I’ll have the peace of mind to go where I want to go to. I am also looking forward to optimum growth. I believe there’s will come a time when everyone in the country knows and eats our products. I see JoJo’s Homemade Foods becoming the healthy Nestle / Nasco of our time. Say amen with me, lol.

Now, as we draw close to the end of the year, I hope this inspires and motivates you to dream big, work really hard, and actively seek out ideas, relationships and collaborations that will move your business onward and upward (if you own a business).

I also want to thank you for sticking with Jojos Homemade. I appreciate and love you very much. I won’t stop encouraging you to eat healthy because that’s what we’re about. If you haven’t already, read my article about little lifestyle changes that can yield big results. There’s also one that shows you how to get better at meal prepping. As always, you can shop here as well, because you should never run out of healthy meals and snacks.

That brings me to the concluding part of this November series. Look out for our December blog series, you won’t be disappointed.



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