the importance of business relationships

How I Built Jojoshomemade With Help From Valuable Relationships

No man is an island. And no business can succeed without building a number of healthy relationships. On my journey as an entrepreneur, I have learnt the importance of business relationships. I can say that without certain relationships, building my business would have been more challenging than it has been. That’s why this part of My Granola Love Story will focus on relationships. At the end, I would also like to share why I think that business relationships are important and maybe add a few tips to get things rolling in that area.

Why is this important? No matter how much passion drives you, you cannot do it alone. You simply cannot, at least not if you want to do it well. You have to have a support system, and I’m not just talking about moral support, even though that is also important and I got a lot of it as well.

My family first showed me the importance of business relationships.

the importance of business relationships
My friend and me. She’s CEO Exotica Zobo

I know you might think that’s weird, because most people tell entrepreneurs not to do business with family and friends. But let me share my story, because I have been fortunate in this regard. Apart from a supportive spouse and family members, my sister has been a rock.

Remember my challenge with finding a graphic artist and printer? It was my sister who came through and recommended somebody. In the early days, she insisted on reviewing our books to make sure things were in order and we were keeping track. At some point, she had to leave, but until she did, she was our unofficial accountant.

the importance of business relationships
Our beloved pouches…

I met a lady online who sells Zobo drinks and asked how she registered her brand with NAFDAC. We got talking and she provided me with all the help I needed. We have been talking since then and our bond is as close as that of sisters! She is someone I can never forget! So many things have come out of this relationship. She was also instrumental in our products being sold in some stores. She would go there and talk to them, and then call me to go follow up. See the importance of business relationships? All relationships in fact.

How did we get our products accepted in the first store? If you know how challenging that can be ehn. But a colleague casually walked into a store on the island and supplied them. That was the beginning of selling our granola in stores.

More On My Business Relationships

Ebube and I at Kobo Accountant’s wedding in 2019

During my Daystar Business Academy experience in 2018, I met Ebube. She is an amazing soul who runs Agas Wholesome. We had coincidentally sat beside each other and was assigned each other’s angel. We’ve been each other’s angels, sounding boards and great friends till date. When it comes to navigating several business curves, like getting an accountant, training opportunities, reviewing our applications, etc. Ebube has been of tremendous help.

I must also mention Chidinma of Zayith Foods. They make the best Greek yogurt on the planet and even when we weren’t NAFDAC approved, they sold our granola with their Greek yogurt and they still do. The best part is we still support each other and collaborate as business owners.

These business relationships have helped shorten my journey to success and made challenges easier. That’s why they are important

Why Business Relationships Are Important

the importance of business relationships
We had our first combo deal together as entrepreneurs @zayithfood_co, @agaswholesome @jojoshomemade. Check us out on Instagram.

I decided to highlight these three points to show you why you should be cultivating business relationships in your business. Your most important asset is your network. Ask any successful entrepreneur, they’ll tell you.

  • Business transactions are between two real human beings. Think about it. Every significant transaction involves a buyer and a seller, at the very least. Plus, the best product doesn’t necessarily win because buyer behaviour depends on the buyer’s feelings. And when it comes to feelings you know relationships are a big factor.
  • When opportunity knocks, it’s always a person knocking. I know we like to dream about opportunities just falling in our laps, the truth is, that never happens. Opportunity always wears a face.
  • Relationships Create Great Word-of-Mouth. Yes, people are quick to spread the word when they are displeased with a company–but they are also eager to refer their friends and family members to a business that they truly believe in. And this has really been my testimony.
Jojoshomemade granola and Zayith yogurt

There have been countless others. Friends who are now loyal customers. Customers who are now passionate referrers. Team members who have become family. It was a friend who called me from the abroad and introduced me to the concept of paper pouches for packaging. And it worked great!

These angels in human form, I’m grateful for every one of them. And I hope that you’re blessed with such people in your life and business as well. The truth is we need this. Imagine what I would have to do if I had to walk into every store myself, or if i had to figure out every single thing on my own.

I wish you healthy success in your business. If this resonates with you, please feel free to share. Here’s the first and second part of My Granola Love Story. Have you shopped a fresh batch of healthy yummy granola? Hurry and do that here.

Don’t forget to connect on social, you know I love you.

Cheers to healthy business relationships.

Love, Jojo.

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