what mentally strong people do

How To Train Yourself To Become Mentally Strong

Building mental strength is not rocket science. Seriously, anyone can do it with the right blend of patience and determination. And if you’re not patient or very determined, don’t worry, because you can learn those too. But if you’re married I seriously would like to know how your impatience is working for you, haha. To build mental strength, I think we should have a look at what mentally strong people do. The idea is to begin to do those things as well.

what mentally strong people do

Why are we even considering mental resilience? Well, so many things have happened lately in our country, and I know that these events shook us collectively, as a people. They shook us so deeply that we’re still trying to recover from them. My heart goes out to everyone dealing with this situation and this is my way of helping us get out of where we are

Our journey to a better Nigeria is a marathon and not a sprint. Building mental strength will not only help us in the coming days, but it’s also great for helping us as business people, career people and family people. Because life is full of challenges, right? Mentally strong people deal with these challenges better so let’s emulate them.

5 Things Mentally Strong People Do That You Can Do Too

building mental strength

They learn from their mistakes and move on

Mentally strong people aren’t stuck in the mistakes of the past, agonizing about who did what wrong. Mistakes are part of life and they happen to the best of us.

Nobody knows that something will work on the first try. But when you’re mentally strong, you take that risk and you keep at it until you come up with a better plan. Or you realize it doesn’t work and move on to better things.

They take responsibility for their actions

This is so important. Knowing that things don’t work out every time and you cannot always be right is such a great trait. Nobody is perfect, own your imperfection and work on becoming better.

Mentally strong people will admit to mistakes and take full responsibility for a situation if it was their fault.

They practice kindness

a strong personality

If a person is rude, ignorant or wicked to them or anyone else, a mentally strong person won’t lash back with the same rudeness. They will kill someone with kindness, or smile and walk away.

Hate doesn’t cure hate, only love does. Mentally strong people know this. They can control their emotions in tough situations. ANd this is such a cool skill to have.

What do mentally strong people do? They don’t quit when things get tough.

Let’s be honest, everyone has moments where we want to give up and walk away from something that is causing us too much frustration. One of the most important things mentally strong people do is ‘not quit or give up’.

They keep at it and learn what they need to do to move ahead. Remember, not everything is going to go your way. And that’s okay. This brings me to the last trait, I’m sharing. But I’m pretty sure there’s a thousand more.

Mentally strong people always focus on the big picture

They will look at the whole picture of a situation before making a decision about it. They are not quick to judge or make a fuss.

Even in making a resolve, they will consider all sides of the matter. You can do this too, can’t you? I think we all can.

My heart goes out to all the victims of the #LekkiMassacre. May their families find strength and the much-needed peace to carry on. And may Nigeria eventually become the Nigeria of our dreams. Be encouraged, and build mental strength if you need to.

We love hearing from you, drop us a line will you? And if you just need someone to talk to, I’m here.



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